Published by 2016-12-23

Also tapping the old-school gentlemanly vibe are Oliver Sweeney’s new lime, sage and oak moss combo Bosco Selvatico; Penhaligon’s The Tragedy of Lord George, which smells of brandy and shaving soap; and Floris’ 1962 – a retro mix of mandarin, jasmine and musk that captures a distinctly sixties Sean Connery-esque masculinity.

“There’s definitely a trend right now for woody, musky fougère fragrances with barbershop floral notes of lavender and jasmine, which [all] suggest elegance and confidence and hark back to a time of traditional values and etiquette, of chivalry and [an] elegant, sophisticated masculinity,” says Edward Bodenham, Floris’ perfumery director.


Neutral-Coloured Long-Sleeved Tees

Menswear writers preach the virtues of ‘layers’ like a slightly desperate onion sales.

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The streetwear staple that broke free of its sporting roots (not to mention the clutches of David.